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About Us

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Oxywong Technologies is an IT consulting and services company that give emphasis on website development and maintenance jobs. It was founded in 2014 by Arun Babu,a computer engineer from Kerala,India. Though based in Trivandrum,the company deals with projects from other parts of India and Middle Eastern countries. The company has already proved their proficiency and mastery over various domains including Application Development, Web Services, graphics design and web marketing.The company came into existence with the ultimate aim of transfiguring the current IT trends. To ensure superior quality and impeccable implementation of their products, the company evaluates each project they take up, critically, on the merits. Arun Babu,the founder,wants the company to engage in socially responsible projects.

The most significant projects of Oxywong Technologies are the three interdependent webportals namely ‘LIVING MEMORIALS’, EForestation’(Planting a tree project) and Medical Project.

Living Memorials is a website created to manage accounts for the persons who are not alive today. This actually makes way for the comprehensive exploration of the whole life of the person. The people who only live in memories are brought to life via this website through serious discussions and sharing of experiences. The most creative website ‘Eforestation’ managed by Oxywong is an extension of Living Memorials. With this project the company takes up the role of a dedicated environmentalist. The project was launched with the pledge of obligation, ”LOVE IS EVERGREEN”. The idea behind this implementation is to plant a tree named after our loved ones who remain in our memories. The medical project done by Oxywong is to contribute to the medical fund that can be used for the medical treatment of the needy. The website is built with functional and convenient options which aids in organizing money from the people who are willing to pay.

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